Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Article 3

Save the Children where you are

Pakistan was created by the 1947 partitioning of British India. But I think Pakistan is still standing on his 1st stage of freedom.” CHILDREN are the future of any nation and, therefore, they should be sogroomed as to be able to shoulder all its responsibilities.”

Child labour is a serious crime all over the world. Unicef defines it as some type of work performed by children below 18. The number of child labourers in Pakistan is about 11million.Childlabour in Pakistan on the rise a year after devastating floods.

 Because parents still unable to find jobs, children are being sent to hazardous areas to scour for badly needed income ,Child labour has surged in Pakistan in the year since record floods devastated much of the country, as some of the poorest families continue to be deprived of their livelihoods in local economies that show few signs of recovering.The 2010 monsoon floods submerged Pakistan on an unprecedented scale, with 10 years' worth of rain falling in the space of a week. Two thousand people were killed and another 20 million affected. Two million homes and 10,000 schools were destroyed.At a provincial level about 60 per cent of the child labour is found in Punjab, followed by NWFP, which has 1.06 million young workers, Sindh has 298,000 and Balochistan has 14,000. Some other sources estimate that child workers in Pakistan are about 11 million.
 It’s high time that we start combating the menace of child labour. Legislation and policies are urgently required to ameliorate the problem.
 Strategies to combat child labour include mobilising a broad alliance of partners to enhance capacities of relevant stakeholders; increasing awareness and social mobilisation; improving the legislation and setting up implementation mechanisms; setting up area-based sustainable models for withdrawal and prevention of child labour; scaling up the child labour monitoring system and empowering the families whose children have been afflicted by this problem.
The government should take some notice on child labour as well and take some strict action against those responsible so that the future of Pakistan become save and educated.
If we will save our children’s future then we will also save Pakistan Future .


  1. A reasonable attempt..the choice of topic is really good and it definitely needs attention of public authorities

  2. for me the think is we should not pose all on government if you really mean that you should start something by your own and first from your own house if you have a maid who is bringing her daughter with her ask her not to do that and do something to send her to school. to me if you really want to do something you should start it from yourself