Thursday, 20 December 2012

Article 2

CNG Prices increasing day by day

Pakistan has the largest market for CNG as well as is also the second largest user in the world after Iran. In the beginning the government encouraged the people both in public and private to use the CNG for their vehicles and save the environment from carbon dioxide but as the users has increased more than the economy has the resources to fulfill the demand, the government is now discouraging the people to use CNG and applying policies to do such thing. Also the owners of CNG stations all over the country are making the scenario worse by shutting down the stations as well as having low pressure gas available at limited opened stations.
When the prices were rising for CNG, the CNG stations owners were allowing to do so as they were stocking up the gas inventory at lower price and selling at the price which were increasing. But as the government intervened in the pricing policy for CNG and set the price at its actual price which become lower than the market value at which the CNG stations were selling, the same CNG stations owners got furious at such announcement and begin to shut down the stations regardless of knowing that the three-fourth of the vehicles of the country run on CNG. Such behavior show that they are concerned only about their own self and it does not matter to them that the almost whole economy of Pakistan is running on CNG.
As day and day is passing, situation is getting worse for people as they have to wait for the CNG outside limited opened stations having long line and wasting long hours which could be use in more economical way and lot of things could be done during those time which get wasted in such long lines.